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It's Tip Down season and at Sullivan Tip Downs we take pride in making quality  products in the USA.. I have seen way too many great ideas fail due to poor quality and this is why we make it ourselves in Eau Claire , WI. The Sullivan Tip Down was awarded another US Patent in 2014 So now the Sullivan Tip Drop and The Sullivan Tip Down are both Patented . I also carry a full line of Shirts and Hoodies that are very humorous. Along with Beanies and Baseball caps. If you are on a Mobile device viewing this page click on the box that says home on it and a menu will drop down so you can navigate the site .Or you can just click here

Take a look around our website and our store I hope you like what you see. You can't find Sullivan Tip Down products in a lot of stores yet we are a relatively  small operation and I have an occasional part time employee. Any input you have on my products  you can send to  me I have heard some really ingenious ideas that I would love to see.   

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Sullivan Tip Drop Patent pending

Sullivan Tip Down