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Back of shirt

Go Bigger two Sullivan Tip Downs , Two Bluetipz installed and the same Ice Stopper Bobber kit a$319.99 value for  290.00

Black Hat

Green Sullivan Tip Drop


Specify Flag color for clear

Replacement Tip Drop Head Pick color (this includes head and Flag only )    $14.00

STD 12oz Hoodies (SUPER WARM)

logo on front Sport Tech

STD slogan on back

​Florescent Orange .Tip Drop




Red Sullivan Tip Drop 


These are the STD Shirts and Sweat Shirt designs In Stock and Ready for delivery

Front of shirt, same on T Shirts and Sweatshirts

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Flag Colors

2 speed powered Jigging Tip Down

Tip Drop Rod Holder Replacement
W T F Shirts
Deluxe combo package You get One Sullivan Tip Down Two speed Jigging Tip Down, One Ice Stopper Bobber kit and Bluetipz Receiver  A $167.98 value for $155.00

Check your phone to see if the the Bluetipz app works

Camo Brim Hat

Twin pack BlueTipz $68.00

​Clear Tip Drop


Quick Clamp beer holder 9.95 Send an email and I will invoice you for this shipping will be cheaper than $10.00


STD Short Sleeve
STD 12oz Hoodie sizes
Colors / Summer / Winter


same as WTF shirts logo on front WTF on back. Anyone who has one of these tells their friends to buy one, these are really warm


Purple Tip Drop $21.99

WTF 12oz Hoodie Sizes

Pink Tip Drop


1 BlueTipz $38.00