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Go Bigger two Sullivan Tip Downs , Two Bluetipz installed and the same Ice Stopper Bobber kit a$257.99 value for  240.00

Deluxe combo package You get One Sullivan Tip Down Two speed Jigging Tip Down, One Ice Stopper Bobber kit and Bluetipz Receiver  A $142.99 value for 130.00

Check your phone to see if the the Bluetipz app works

STD 12oz Hoodies (SUPER WARM)

logo on front

STD slogan on back


same as WTF shirts logo on front WTF on back. Anyone who has one of these tells their friends to buy one, these are really warm


Camo Brim Hat

STD Shirts Available in Long Sleeve also send Email request

These are the STD Shirts and Sweat Shirt designs In Stock and Ready for delivery

Front of shirt, same on T Shirts and Sweatshirts

Florescent Orange .Tip Drop



Green Sullivan Tip Drop

1 BlueTipz $38.00

Twin pack BlueTipz $68.00


Quick Clamp beer holder 9.95 Send an email and I will invoice you for this shipping will be cheaper than $10.00


STD 12oz Hoodie sizes

Replacement Tip Drop Head Pick color (this includes head and Flag only )    $12.00

Tip Drop Rod Holder Replacement
W T F Shirts


Pink Tip Drop $20.00

Black Hat

Clear Tip Drop

(wonder woman's jet )

WTF 12oz Hoodie Sizes
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Purple Tip Drop $20.00

Colors / Summer / Winter
Call now to find out how: 715 579 5769
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STD Short Sleeve

2 speed powered Jigging Tip Down