The STD, you'll never know how you caught it, you just did.

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  Good news, we received a US Patent in June The Sullivan Tip Down is now Patent #8,453,371B1 So my years of work can start paying off. The Sullivan Tip Drop is patent pending, Both products are evolving into better fish catching tools The Tip down is now available in a two season model which can hold a full size rod and reel for summer fishing or bigger jigs for winter fishing and can be switched to a super sensitive small jig fishing machine look at the instruction page to see how it works
What a way to start the season, Sales are going very good and I'm barely keeping up. My Suppliers are reliable this year so bring on the orders.

     EARN A FREE SULLIVAN TIP DROP , if you send me video of your Sullivan Tip Down  or Sullivan Tip Drop catching fish I will send you a Sullivan Tip Drop for free including shipping and handling. That's some easy free stuff for you.

    The Sullivan Tip Down makes your open water and ice fishing fun.  Set your depth, turn it on, and watch the great action.  When the fish bites, the rod slides down in the slot, the holder tips down, and the flag tips up. It's like a tip up except with a rod and reel and doesn't fight the fish. Now, simply pull the rod out and reel it in.  This is so cool you wont believe how much fun your having.

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